Posted by: kherome | August 20, 2010

On days like this…

On days like this, when I feel awful (sick, dizzy, nauseated, exhausted, and sad) I grasp at things that offer me comfort and are tied to pleasant memories. One of those things is my all time favorite movie “50 first dates” with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. This move is WONDERFUL. For some reason this movie soothes me and makes me feel so much better, at least mentally. I actually own more than one copy of the DVD, JUST IN CASE something were to happen to one copy! LOL

What is it about this movie that affects me so? It’s hard to say. I’m guessing it has a lot to do with the fact that my husband and I were married in the Caribbean and the scenery reminds me of  that happy time. It also includes the COOLEST car ever made by anyone, anywhere, the Volkswagen Thing. (Seen below)

And who can forget our good buddy Ula? (I’m probably not spelling that right, but that is how it’s pronounced.) I love Rob Schneider, he cracks me  up. His role of Ula is probably my favorite of all his roles. (Though Deuce Bigalow is a close second! LOL)

In the movie, there is a running joke about “Spam and Eggs” as a meal. However, anyone who’s ever been to Hawaii can confirm that the Hawaiian people are quite fond of Spam, and it’s served in almost every restaurant they have down there! I can personally confirm that a common Hawaiian  breakfast is Spam, scrambled eggs, and white rice. Other than the fact that I don’t eat red meat, I did like the eggs and rice together. My husband enjoyed the “Locals breakfast” at least once while we visited Maui.

But anyway, back to the movie…who can resist the love between Henry and Lucy? Henry, a playboy, falls in love finally…but it’s with a girl who has brain damage so severe that she thinks every day is the same day and can remember nothing that has happened to her since the time of her accident. Despite her handicap (which, frankly, is relatively minor IMO) Henry loves her and takes on the task of making her fall in love with him over and over, every single day.

So, thats my favorite movie, and it does wonders for my state of mind most times. And by the way, if  anyone knows where I can get ahold of a dress like the one Lucy wears on the cover art (1st photo) let me know! I love it. And if anyone has a VW Thing for sale, I’d  like to know about that too!


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