Posted by: kherome | July 30, 2010

My hips don’t lie…and no I don’t mean Shakira

My hips reached such a frenzied level of pain I finally gave in and went to see the surgeon. Good news/Bad news…Good news, I don’t need a hip replacement yet! Bad news, I still need to have my hip sockets scoped out because there is debris in the sockets from my chronic dislocations. I’m not sure about having the surgery. Surgery is always so dicey for us EDSers! I guess I will have to make a decision soon, but for now I am putting it off.  I am seeing the scoping surgeon for a consult, but I plan to put off a decision until I see the Geneticist again to get an opinion from an EDS expert.

In other news, I am rapidly approaching my 29th birthday. I’m feeling a little sad, because it’s one year closer to 30! Yikes! 30!



  1. Happy almost birthday!

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