Posted by: kherome | June 19, 2010

Latest and Greatest

I have had increasing issues with my EDS, and my local doctors are at a loss. So, I am flying out to see Dr. Francomano. It’s a shame a person has to fly across the country to get appropriate health care. But since that seems to be the case, I’m scheduled to do just that! I’ve met Dr. F previously at Mayo Clinic, and she was lovely so I’m happy to be seeing her again.

My wheelchair is due in on Monday. I’m looking forward to it! The Quickie Q7 is the lightest chair on the market, and can weigh as little as 14 pounds. Mine is slightly more due to the way I had it made, but it’s still very light weight! I’m hoping that it helps me get around on my worst hip/back pain days.

For those on Facebook, Chase Community Giving is running their charity giveaway again! EDS Today is currently holding the top spot! Please keep voting for EDS Today so that we can earn money for EDS research!


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